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Welcome to a complete English proofreading, correction, and editing service.

Your English is important to your success. With Richard you can have it proofread, checked, and corrected to make it perfect. Your work will then say exactly what you want it to say, in the way in which you are expected to say it, and you can submit, publish, or send it confidently knowing that it is free of any English errors.

Have your work proofread by Richard face-to-face in person or via email - Within 24 hours/Same Day, Within 48 hours, or Standard (3+ days).

Your document and style of English

Richard professionally proofreads, corrects, and edits a wide range of documents for individuals and businesses. His vast proofreading experience includes everything from PhD and Master's dissertations to website content to film scripts, fiction, and articles to CVs and letters. Most clients return regularly.

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Academic eg dissertations, theses, essays.
Business eg marketing material, website content.
Fiction and non-fiction eg scripts, novels, articles.
Legal eg legal academic works, letters.
General eg professional reports, CVs, applications.

Non-native English speaker? You need a proofreader who specialises in the work of writers whose first language is not English. Richard is in an ideal position to help you:

  ●  He is a very experienced EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher.
  ●  He proofreads hundreds of documents written by non-native English speakers.
  ●  He is very familiar with and understands the particular sort of English errors made by people from your language background.

Proofreading will bring you many benefits, including correction and improvement of your:

  ●   Grammar (eg tenses, sentence structure, word order, meanings, etc).
  ●   Punctuation.
  ●   Spelling.
  ●   Vocabulary (word choice).
  ●   Capitalization.
  ●   Hyphenation.
  ●   Typographical errors.
  ●   Consistency.
  ●   Repetition.
  ●   Clarity (easiness to understand and readability).
  ●   Suitability for the intended reader.
  ●   Formal requirements and style conventions (eg formal/informal English).
  ●   Logic.
  ●   Flow.
  ●   Tone and balance.
  ●   Presentation.
  ●   Overall organisation and structuring.

  ●  Special requirements? Just tell Richard.
  ●  All  corrections, improvements, and suggestions made are
  ●  You can also easily accept or reject the changes in your wordprocessing program.

Have your work proofread by Richard

Face-to-face in person. Recommended if your work requires significant editing. Paper or computer. Click here to find out When and Where


via Email:

1. Email your document and deadline (when you want it back) to Richard at for a personal free no-obligation quote which is guaranteed not to change.

2. When you receive the quote, including a guarantee that the work can be completed by your deadline, decide whether you want to proceed, and if so make payment (instructions in the email).

3. After making payment, you will receive:
       ●  An email confirming receipt and guaranteeing that the work will be completed by your deadline.
       ●  Professional proofreading, checking, and correction of the English in your work.
       ●  Your professionally proofread document returned to you by the agreed time and date or earlier.

Do you have any questions eg about how long proofreading takes, regular documents, confidentiality, or guarantees? Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Arrange face-to-face proofreading now - Contact Richard

Email your document and deadline (when you want it back) to Richard at for a personal free no-obligation quote which is guaranteed not to change.


Richard English Tutor

Professional private English language tuition and proofreading services in London, the UK, and worldwide.

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