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In General English you will learn and improve the English you need in all the different situations of ordinary everyday life: for example speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, grammar, vocabulary, fluency, conversation, pronunciation, reducing your accent, public speaking, comprehension, punctuation, spelling, formal and informal English, idiomatic expressions, usage, letters, emails, applications, forms, interviews, CVs, etc

To have good English, you need to master the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, which involve constantly improving all your sub-skills of grammar, vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation, comprehension, punctuation, and spelling, for example, and working on the areas which you find most difficult.

Improve your skill of speaking in everyday situations, for example conversation, interviews, speaking in public (including your pronunciation and reducing your accent). Develop (a) your accuracy (to reduce the number of errors you make), including your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, and usage, and (b) your fluency (how quickly and easily you can speak). Learn to use the idiomatic expressions which people use everyday. If you wish to work on effectively reducing your accent, this is of course also possible.

Gain better listening skills. Learn how to understand what people are saying, from overall meaning to picking out specific details. Learn how to understand the many different English dialects which you hear, and which you find harder than standard English.

Develop your reading skills. Learn how to read for gist and for detail, and develop your comprehension skills, ie your understanding of what you read. Learn how to use reading as a way to improve your grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.

Be successful in your writing.  Most students find this the hardest of the four skills. Learn how to write both formal and informal English in, for example, letters, applications, forms, CVs, emails, etc. Improve your grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, and overall presentation when you write. We work on all these sub-skills until your writing is as good as it needs to be, if not better.

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