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English Lessons

Q: What about materials?
A: Richard teaches using a variety of materials - which ones are used depends upon which are the most suitable for you, given your level and ability, and your specific needs, interests, and preferences. Richard supplies all the materials but you may, of course, bring your own, eg textbooks, workbooks, and whatever you find useful.

Q: How quickly will I learn?
A: How fast you make progress obviously depends upon how quickly you learn. This depends in turn upon your natural ability, the time you can make available to do the homework Richard gives you, and how much and how effectively you study between lessons. Richard gives you guidance on all of these points, and teaches you study techniques to maximise your effectiveness at learning the English language.

Q: What about homework?
A: Richard gives you homework at the end of every lesson to reinforce and practise what you have learned. It is very important that you do your homework. The amount of time you are able to make available for this is crucial to the speed at which you make progress. At the beginning of every lesson Richard checks that you have done your homework successfully and are ready to learn more and make further

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