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Welcome to Academic Support. Here you can find solutions to all your academic English needs.

  • Receive help with organising and writing your dissertation, thesis, or essay.
  • Have your academic work professionally edited and proofread.
  • Learn how to improve your academic English for the future.
  • Gain help with your English in other situations eg applications and interviews.

You can choose any or all of these services to help you produce work of outstanding academic quality and ensure your success.

Organising and writing

Whether or not you need academic English proofreading or tuition, you can find guidance in writing your academic work. This covers all the help and support you need in planning and constructing your dissertation, and more... You can benefit from this service easily and economically at ordinary tuition rates. Contact Richard

Academic editing and proofreading

When you have written your dissertation or thesis you will need to have it professionally proofread for errors. You may also, especially if English is not your native language, need to have your work professionally edited. This may be to correct and improve your grammar or to have your English converted from informal spoken to formal written English - an essential standard for all academic work. You can do this easily and economically via Email or Face-to-face in person. Proofreading

Academic English tuition

If you would like to improve your English for the future, you can receive help in understanding why you make the errors you make and how to avoid them. This can be done whilst you are having your dissertation proofread Face-to-face in person and/or in English lessons Face-to-face in person or online. Academic English

English language support

If you are a foreign student and English is not your native language, you may need help with your English language in other areas, for example college and job application forms, visa renewal applications, interviews, etc. I can give you all the help you need so that in your applications and interviews you will communicate in English at educated native level. You can benefit from this service easily and economically at ordinary tuition and proofreading rates. Contact Richard

Your English is important to your success - take the first step today. Arrange tuition or proofreading or ask any questions - Contact Richard


Richard English Tutor

Professional private English language tuition and proofreading services in London, the UK, and worldwide.

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